caterpillar to butterfly

The theme of the exhibition is the transiton from a tiny  caterpillar to a big, beautiful butterfly. This exhibition displays the beauty of transforming from something quite small and ordinary into something spectacular. These artworks all relate to each other in the sense that they each portray one or more stages in the lif-cycle of a butterfly. The artworks progress from images of caterpillars to a chrysalis to mature butterflies. Metaphorically speaking, this exhibition can relate to growing as a person physicall and emotionally and becoming a better human being. I think that the exhibition will really connect with many audiences, in particular, those who love nature and the outdoors as well as those who strive to be better people and stand out more in society. The artwworks in this exhibition emphasise the ugliness or peculiarity of caterpillars and the marvellous beauty of the butterfly. This is shown by selecting greyscale artworks which highlight the imperfections of the caterpillars in the caterpillar artworks and by selecting colourful artworks which mostly highlight the grace and delicacy of the butterflies in the butterfly artworks. You will also notice that there is an image of a chrysalis dividing the caterpilars from the butterflies. This is because it is the stage in a butterfly'slife where it takes the time to grow wings and shortly after will learn how to spread their wings and fly away. This can relate to people going through a period of time when they decide that they need to make a few changes in their life so that they can be free and happy. Ultimately, I hope that this exhibition will appeal to it audiences.

This artwork represents the Postmodern Frame because it is uses other images to create the shape of the butterfly which can be considered as "pop art" and Pastiche.
This artwork represents the structural frame because it is a 3-dimensional object meaning the it uses techniques such as form and texture.
This artwork represents the cultural frame because is a traditional Korean painting.
This artwork represents the subjective fram because it can be interperated in various ways. To some audiences it can just be a photo of a butterfly whilst to others it portrays a beautiful butterfly casting shadows and taking up the spotlight.
Credits: All media
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