The many Forms of Women

Go on a journey to explore some of the most influential works of art through out our history. our main focus will be form and Women. Seeing some of these great works of art and recognizing the artist whom painted them. Also take a closer look at to what the artist might have been thinking while painting the priceless master pieces.

Here we have a portrait of a woman. The form that was used here was well rounded to portray the three dimensional view with the use of color and contrast. the shadowing is what gives her realism.
The three women in this painting are examples of natural Shape. The Form of these three individuals are expressed by them standing tall, the color that was used portrayed the sun shining bright.
the form of the two children are poised as standing, as the woman looks down at one of the children. the color that the artist used really bring this painting to life.
the form of this young woman comes a bit natural as the imagery make the texture of the painting more of a flat piece, which also makes the woman looks oddly shaped.
the form of this Young Woman Portrait is natural, as the color that was used brought this young beauty to life, the texture of her robe looks as though it was made of some kind of animal fur.
This beautiful Flora's form is natural, as she has her face slightly turned, with her arm holding her robe up to not expose herself. the color used her is used seamlessly. makes it look like a photo.
This painting is a primary example of color, the contrast between light and darkness. The young maiden is embracing the dark cloud being. and you can see the light covering the woman.
the form of this woman being carried away by the dark cloud as the dog watches. The color that was used was a mixture of light and dark contrast. notice that the dog and woman are lighter.
The Artist used a natural form here. The texture is a rougher surface cause you can see that the painting is a grainy image. It give this painting a more three diminutional feel.
This is a painting with the form of a woman and her children, setting on the bed with the children holding up a mirror for the woman to admire herself. color that is being used here is a mixture.
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