Vincent Van Gogh

My Exhibition is about Vincent Van Gogh and his art. I chose eight of Vincent's portraits that I like the most. I chose this theme because Vincent is one of my favorite artist in the 19th century. His work is inspiring and his portraits are legendary.

Van Gogh has painted over 30 self-portraits but this self-portrait is my favorite because you can easily recognize Van Gogh with his reddish-orange hair and beard. This paining is so mellow and simple because of the dark blue background and the dark blue with the hint of green jacket he has on. In this painting you can also notice the paint and paintbrush sitting right in front of Vincent; interpreting that his is an artist.
The moon and the stars lights up the sky. Light moves through the sky with the strokes of light defeating the darkness. The town below seems alive but not as alive as the sky. I chose this painting because it lights up my mood just by looking at it and it is one of my favorite portraits done by Van Gogh.
This painting is Vincent's bedroom in Arles that he stayed in during the winter in a town in the south of France where he wanted the start "Studio of the South", where painters could work together creating art. I chose this painting because I loved the bright and vibrant colors used to show how alive the room was. The walls were blue as well as the door, with wood colored chairs and the bed. The window is green with a pop of yellow to represent the sun. There is also four paintings hanging on the wall, with a night table that has a few things on there
I chose this painting because Irises are one of my favorite flowers and I love how each iris is unique in the painting. The shapes of each flower is curved differently and have it's only movement. The color of the irises also caught my eye because they were painted so perfectly. I also like how there are different flowers in the background of the painting in the garden; it lets you know that Irises aren't the flowers in the garden.
I chose this painting because Sunflowers is one of my favorite flowers also, and also because yellow meant happiness to Van Gogh. The flowers also symbols the cycle of life and death. In the painting everything is yellow except of the stems of the flowers. Yellow is a big color for Van Gogh; the flowers are alive and looks like happiness. Some of the flowers in the painting hasn't finished growing yet which means to me that they were just picked. This painting is so popular because van Gogh really went into detail of the sunflowers
I chose this painting because of the rain. I love the rain and in this painting, Van Gogh painted it so beautiful. The wheat field also attracted my eyes and the two lonely roads with no destination. I also like this painting because it's dark, whenever it's raining usually everything is in a dark mood and Van Gogh did an outstanding job portraying the dark mood in this painting.
I chose this picture because it remind me of Spring. The beautiful flowering Orchid trees instantly caught my eye, and beautiful pink flowers on the trees caught my attention because he painted them so nicely and observing.
The pink peach tree was my favorite painting that I chose because everything about the picture draws in all of your attention. The peach blossom was originally pink but because the painting became discolored it turned white. Yet, the painting is still so beautiful and colorful.
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