It show two boats.The boats are in the water.Near the boats are some trees.In the background are some houses and people.
It shows an entrance in the distance.This room is colorful.This room shows colorful beads on a string.
This shows lights.This shows stas.This Shows homes.This shows a sun and wind.
This shows a colorful sunset.This show water.Also a rock in the water.
I see water sprinkling out of the grass.Its nice outside.In the background there are a lot of trees.
I see one small white box on top of a big box.I also paint falling on those to connected boxes.Last I see an animal smeling or eating the paint that fell down.
I see mountains. I see snow on the mountains.And the surroundings area is blue and white.THe outline is black.If you look closely you could see the reflection of the mountains in the water.
I see a lot of colors.I see balloons in the pink sky.There is one tree.
I see a lot of colors.I see a building and the camera is pointed up.There are some chineses signs on the building everything is lit up.
I see that it's night.The night is lit up with neon lights.These buildings are near water.
I see a moonlight night scene with trees.
I see a sun and a world with rhythmic composition in yellow minor.
I see a dream.I beautiful pink dream of land.
I see a reminder of nature.
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