Diversity of mythology - Nico plyley

The theme that I chose is the diversity of Ancient Mythology. I am intrigued by all the different mythology from various cultures. In my gallery tired to select pieces from all different cultures that all had their own view on mythology to show how diverse it was from other cultures and what they believed.

I picked this piece because I believe it clearly shows the Egyptian mythology by the style of the sculpture as well as the animal head on a human body.
I selected this piece of artwork to show an illustration of classic roman literature and mythology.
This painting shows the contrast of Greek and Roman perception of god.
This shows the mythology of the Aztec empire with a calendar they created.
This is the Greek side of mythology showing their different styles of how they display their variation of mythology
This is a Greek artifact with drawing of mythological creates and beings on the side. Most the Greek items I found we either caskets, vases or an artifact that holds items.
I chose this because we saw something very similar to it when we were in the Orlando Art Museum on the scavenger hunt. It also is an artifact of mythology
I chose this artifact because it is a mythological hero of the underworld also showing the belief in the afterlife
I chose this because all the other Greek work I chose were artifacts and not paintings. I feel this show more of the emotion and the mythology they believed in.
The last artifact is again of Egyptian mythology and their strong beliefs in the afterlife and the rituals they took when someone died.
Credits: All media
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