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Ways Of Knowing - By Yiannis Ioannou 

Sense Perception as a Way of Knowing. On the far left we can see a man smelling a watermelon. Perception of smell is important as Richard Axel asks "How does the brain know what the nose is smelling?"
Emotion as a way of Knowing. Man and woman's eyes empty and sad, with drooping features and a general air of desolation. Painting can be seen as a denunciation of the dangers of absinthe.
Faith. This sculpture represents the idea of faith as a meaning of trust and and 'keeping of promises'. It also relates to honor and honesty as people work out problems with faith.
Imagination. The artist's use of wide ranging material is hereby expressed in a kinetic artwork that uses motorized motion, as it appears as a bull, a pig, a fish, a chicken, a turtle, and a soldier.
Intuition. The lion uses his instincts and his experience to attack its prey.
Reason. We can see the consequences of an event to the wall. It refers to an external phenomenon from an internal reaction, which is exposed through the cracked surface or explosion.
Language. ‘'National Language Class'’ depicts a group of Chinese students learning Malay, the newly designated national language of Singapore.
Memory. This painting brings back memories to the viewer of childhood years and a different 'era' which opposes the current modern day one.
Credits: All media
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