Art of Realism

Created by: Bri Winters and Marola Hanna

In this picture the man is very realistic and has a lot of details. We can see the position he is in very clearly. The background feels really lifelike. We can see that he is in the throne so he must be a king
In the picture there is a lot of colors. The colors make the picture feel real and true. The book feels so real we can just grab it out of the picture.
The room feels like we can just walk in and greet all the people. We can also visualize that the food is real.
The water is so realistic it feels like we are sitting on the log next to the birds. The picture also shows that the men look really strong. We can feel the joy of how they are feeling.
In the picture it makes it feel like we are sitting next to the pope. Also the man next to the throne it looks like he is staring at us.
In the image it looks like we can grab his fluffy beard. It is like we can feel the mans deperesion.
The picture is so realistic it looks like the ladies are pregnat. The fruits on the trees look like we can pick them right away
It looks like we can hold the baby. We can see very clearly of the animal in the barn.
We can see the wind blowing his clothes away. It also feels like we can step in the picture and pet the dog.
It looks like all the demands are being beaten. We can feel the pain that saint anthony is feeling.
Credits: All media
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