Russian Revolution 1905

In 1905, after the Bloody Sunnday, Russia exploted in revolution with the aim to over throne the Tsar.By Juan Pablo Gutierrez and Maria Jose Mora

Father Gapon's peaceful march, and cossack soldiers in front of the Narva Gate, 22 of January 1905
After the known "bloody sunday", Russia, exploded in revolution, this causing chaos, the death of thousands (extraoficially) peasants. This caused a great anger in the russian population.
The Tsar, was known to be a good family father, but, this wasn't enough for people to love him, he forgot about his country because of his family, this made them all, a target.
His only son had emophelia, an illnes, which with just a scratch, could made him bleed to death.
One of the Tsars biggests alleys, and at the same time, threat, was the nobility. With its support, he was powerful, but as enemies, he was doomed.
Another imprtant social group for the Tsar, was his army, with his army on his side, he was powerfull, seared, but without it, he was just another indefence group, with no weapons to respond attacks.
added to this 2 powerfull groups we have other groups, which meant, a smaller threat to the Tsar. This was the case of: students, factory workers, peasent...
even though, some of this groups did turn against the tsar, he manage himself to survive this bloody year. he applied the October Manifiesto, law which agreed peasants petitions, which he then broke.
he waited until protestants went home, and then betrayed his promises, and killed the peasentsm students and everyone who was against him
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