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We publish books for those who are unsatisfied with the way the world works.

Feminist Manifesto - Mina Loy Ladies, are you tired of hearing about equal rights, where some women gets to be a CEO and now sexism is over? Are you tired of looking for Mr. Right only to find that he doesn't exist and also the institution of marriage is a prison? Are you sick of being divided into the 'mother' or 'whore' categories? Well then, the Feminist Manifesto is the book for you. Learn the proper way to reform the system of injustice we live in, absolute demolition.
Working - Studs Terkel Hate your job? Looking to switch but you don't know where to start? Just flip to any page in Working and discover how people feel about their careers, as well as how they feel about life. Terkel collects hundreds of interviews of the everyday working man (and woman!) Learn what they do and how they feel about doing it.
Utopia - Thomas More Are you looking to start your own county but don't have a solid jumping off point? Do you feel executing thieves is a little much but you're not sure about your other alternatives? Do you think private property just leads to people becoming evil and greedy? Then More is the author for you. A solid piece of political philosophy, Utopia will have you questioning everything you see around you.
A Vindication of the Rights of Women - Mary Wolstonecraft Are you a bougie white lady living in a developed country the 18th century? Do you feel you're being held back because you're not allowed to get an education past elementary school? Are you sick of being his wife, rather than his companion? Are your senses too sharp? Well ladies, you're not wrong. You're soldiers. If you're reading this in the 21st century, put it down because it is no longer relevant and go look at Mena Loy or bell hooks.
The Empathy Exams - Leslie Jamison Do you feel you're either overwhelmed or underwhelmed with empathy? Do you feel like the empathy you have is fake, yet still get upset when others aren't empathetic for you?
Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx Are you sick of capitalism and the modern industrial society? Do you hate the bourgeoisies? Before you take up arms, do yourself a favor and check out this book. Then take up arms, and start yourself a revolution.
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