Heroes in Action - (Daniel Hoflich)

This gallery includes artworks in multiple mediums from various time periods. Each work of art highlights heroic movement in the heat of battle or saving the day. 

This woodcut print captures the ultimate hero, Hercules in mid-battle as he fights off the Fury and the Discord. The artwork has a great sense of balance, nearly symmetrical if split down the middle. The artist's use of rhythm creates a feeling of organized movement as well. Starting from the top you will notice how each figure is attacking the one under it. Almost as if the art is directing your eyes to flow from the top to the bottom each time you view it.
The Athenian hero, Theseus about to land the killing strike on the Minotaur. This statue is proportioned well because it does not over exaggerate the hero or the size of the enemy. The story of Theseus saving children and maidens from being sacrificed to the creature does this statue's heroic action justice. The bronze texture of the sculpture gives the hero an unblemished look, as if it was not a challenge for him to slay the Minotaur.
The Mighty Thor fights the Giants in this epic painting. There is a clear emphasis on the hero Thor riding his chariot. Thor has bright red clothing and blonde hair battling the dark haired shirtless Giants. Also, Thor is seen above the crowd. His hammer stands out among the empty sky with bright yellow lightning bolts around it. The lines painted on the hair of Thor and the goats pulling the chariot give this painting a sense of swift movement.
This woodcut work of art features Saint Michael and other angels in a battle with Dragons. Saint Michael is seen as the largest figure of the artwork placing an emphasis on the hero. From Saint Michael you can notice that the other figures are battling facing the sides of the woodcut.This creates a balance in the work as well as giving Saint Michael even more of the spotlight. By using an abundance of lines the work also shows the action and distress in the sky. Below is a calm landscape oblivious the battle taking place above. This shows that Saint Michael is a hero who fights evil without wanting fame or glory.
This painting tells the story of the hero Saint George saving the king's daughter from the Dragon. Saint Michael thrusts his spear into the mouth of the Dragon as his horse is rearing back giving the viewer a sense of heroic movement. The king's daughter stands out in her red dress in a praying position as the rest of the kingdom watches from a distance.
This statue excellently captures the movement of a hero on horseback. The flowing lines sculpting the cape compliments the epic motion of the horse rearing back and the warrior's shield raised. The weight of the statue must be evenly distributed upon the rear legs of the horse. This also created a perfect balance in the design.
The hero Aeneas carrying his father and escorting his son out of Troy. This act of heroism and tragedy is reflected perfectly in this statue. Moving forward with one foot in front of him, Aeneas must step over his fallen wife in order to recuse his father and his son. This movement gives the viewer an overwhelming sense of determination and will.
This famous painting of Washington crossing the Delaware is truly a hero in action. The artist gives the viewer a sense movement with determination through a struggle. The flag bunches up and ripples in the wind. The person in front uses his foot to push an ice block out of the way. The other figures are seen leaning forward pressing on regardless of the hardship ahead of them. Standing tall and confident with one foot forward is Washington.
This is a painting of war hero, Captain Reginald James Young in the Battle of the Somme. A sense of epic movement is provided by the artist as you can see the soldiers charging forward towards the enemy. The painting captures the moment the hero fired off a shot into an enemy and his head flinging backwards. The blues used to color the enemy soldiers was also used to detail the dark sky on the opposite corner of the painting, providing balance to the artwork. The dark distressed lines throughout the painting indicate the intensity of war. The heroes out number the enemy showing that this was a victorious moment.
This is a painting of Olympic Boxing. Unique to all of the other painting featured in this gallery this features two heroic figures competing in the olympic games. The artist uses a lot of abstract shapes and lines providing the viewer with a sense of movement and spectacle. The emphasis is on the two fighters but within the painting are outlines of spectators and other boxers.
Credits: All media
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