The Eclectic Nature of Composition in Art by Shaun M. Rogers

This collection, eclectic as it may seem, hopes to highlight the intricacies of the subjects and the artists within these exquisite pieces. 

I chose this piece because the focal point is the relaxing country house and its predominantly pale blue roof; pops of color in the red flowers in the forefront and the greens in the grass liven it up.
I chose this piece because its dramatic contrast between the vibrant yellows and the neutral background of the wood floor and sky blue walls accentuate the simplicity of the objects pictured.
I chose this piece because although it may just seem like Van Gogh depicted merely flowers, the vibrancy of colors he used and the feeling of movement he achieved breathes life into this painting.
I chose this piece because I was intrigued by the mysterious figures walking arm in arm away from the artist.The bold use of greens and silver in nature are a sharp contrast to the black background.
I chose this piece because the artist accomplished a sense of serenity through color and shadows giving the illusion of depth and movement in the water and underneath the flowers
I chose this piece because there is a sense of urgency due to the wind as if there were turmoil in the clouds and water as well as pensiveness due to the people standing and looking over the bluff.
I chose this piece because of the distortion of shapes and swirling background motion. The artist truly captured the agitation of the subject with his use of blacks and greens juxtaposing the reds.
I chose this piece because of the use of geometrical shapes to disguise the true subject of a woman holding a fan. The more time you spend looking at this, the more detail one can appreciate.
I chose this piece because I was stunned to see the manipulation of depth perception by the artist. His use of an inanimate object in the forefront skews our perception of scale of the overall piece.
I chose this piece due to its contrast between the legs and the pyramids in the back; to me, this references the ancient practice of slavery to make monuments and the eventual release of said slaves.
I chose this piece because of the dueling men. Are there two men or just one against himself; the depiction of just one gun confuses me.They're stranded on a bridge surrounded by water with no way out.
I chose this piece because of the use of color to illustrate a naked woman on a vibrant towel. The trivial clothespins makes me wonder if it is laundry day for the subject or just a play on scale.
I chose this piece because of the use of irregular and continual lines to make up the subject as a whole.The artist paints what looks like strings to compose one image.He uses color to give contrast.
I chose this piece because the artist uses colorful flowers to compose an intricate meshwork that results in what looks like the human body beginning at the torso and ending at the top of the thighs.
I chose this piece because of the dynamic use of color and fluidity in the cityscape. The use of the undulating lines and exhilarating colors versus the dark background make the city come to life.
Credits: All media
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