Fosters Project

In this picture, God is portrayed as a father figure, with the angle being one of his children. he holds a staff, a symbol of power and wisdom. I think that this piece takes place in heaven, because of the clouds and slightly otherworldy look of the painting. the whole thing has a slightly darker feel about it, not something you would expect from a "Father son relationship" kind of painting. i think that this shows the progress we as a people made in the Renaissance period by showing God as a slightly more human figure, something we can relate to, instead of a power that we cannot even comprehend. and showing him with a small angelic boy shows him to be a caring figure, not a stern and powerful one.
this picture shows Medusa, the snake haired woman from greek mythology who could turn men to stone if they looked at her, being beheaded by the hero Perseus. you can clearly see the snakes that make up her hair, and she looks outraged, as if she thought it was impossible for her to be killed. it looks to be painted on some sort of shield or table, some kind of circular object. it is painted on canvas with oils. it is painted in a more cartoony style that almost looks like its computer generated, the shadowing much lighter then in many Renissance paintings. it gives off almost a disgusted mood, she being disgusted that she was killed and the viewer disgusted by her apperance. i think that this reflects the changes in society in the Rennisance because it shows how they were studying greek and roman mythology and culture.
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