I dedicate this Gallery for the people that wants to get inspired by the work of art that previous artist lend us to enjoy. I dedicate their work to anyone that feels the need to appreciate color, design, and most important, history. This gallery is just for you, my friends. And remember "Music Sounds Like Love".

The contrast of these two colors are a great example of impact and contradiction in a painting. And the black color gives even more impact, when adding the different tones of these two colors.
As the title of the Gallery says "Color and Music is like Love", this piece of art is a great example of the combination of music and color, which are the themes of the gallery.
The colors in this painting are beautiful, and the meaning that it tries to express, for me, is that opposite can live together, the Sun and the Moon; and wherever in the world.
This design in more violent, but is like music, it has more than one way to express itself. Although the chosen colors smooth the impact of the design in the audience.
The lonely tree can signify each of us in life, sometime we can feel alone and small, but we still are a part of something greater, like its title, being part of a "Savannah".
The most dominant colors in this painting are the bright color, and this bring live to the painting. And the contrast in it with the blue, purple and green tones, are well represented as well.
Along with the previous picture, this in particular creates more flow in the whole painting, by the center color, yellow/orange. And it is well contrasted by the others colors and its different tones.
I think that this is piece of art is sort of fun, because the combinations of shapes, colors, and the design. This is one of my favorite pieces of art.
The first time I saw this picture I though it said "Love", I think that this art work makes you see what you truly want to see; "Love" for me.
The balance of the colors is perfect, and the feelings that is trying to transmit to the view. Of all the pictures in this Gallery, this is my favorite.
Credits: All media
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