Sound of Color by Steven Martinez

My theme relies on the vibrant colors behind the paintings themselves. Each of the paintings contain musical instruments being played. Most of the paintings seem like gatherings of people celebrating and others not so much. 

All of these contain a good level of detail and textures.

In this photo, there are four people playing instruments. All of them seem to be playing different instruments. The woman on the left looks like she has a very vibrant red apart from the others.
This picture seems whimsical. She seems as though she made a mistake and looks almost like she's praying to do better. Her clothing is very bright yellow and red and contrast from the background.
There is only one person playing an instrument and he seems distracted as do the two people in the back. The reds and yellows in the painting are very bright especially on the woman on the right.
This painting shows an angel with nice white and red wings that almost looks depressed playing this very bright yellow instrument.
The man in the painting looks to be teaching the woman how to play music. The woman has a very bright red and white dress that makes it look like the artist is really trying to emphasize her.
This painting is of a dog who looks to be confused or caught red handed while playing the piano. This picture has nice colors of red, green outside, and contrasting brown throughout the inside.
This is a painting of what looks like a party with only one person playing an instrument. This painting has a wide variety of colors from blue to pink to green all contrasting from one another.
This painting looks like the artist was looking up at a balcony while people enjoyed themselves listening to music. The color is very bright on the people wearing red contrasting from the blue background.
In this painting, it looks as though everyone is playing their own instrument except for the man looking backwards. Their are a couple different colors in this painting but the woman in front is the only one wearing green.
This painting shows 3 people. One playing the piano looking backwards and the other two just enjoying the ambience. The woman playing piano has a vibrant blue sash with a contrasting bright orange dress.
Credits: All media
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