Rhythmic heroes - Michael melvin

This gallery includes several representations of individuals that are being affected by or engaging in the art of music. The gallery contains photos, paintings, and other mediums of instruments and instrumentalists from different eras, cultures, as well as genres that have made an impact and influence on the music field and industry.

Singing Boy with Flute depicts a young boy that appears to be listening closely as he sings a song. By the way his right hand rests upon his flute while his left hand is raised, he is possibly waiting on his flute solo or making sure he hears the song clearly.
Bagpipe Player displays a man facing the right side of the image looking straight ahead as he plays the bagpipe. While the man is at the center of the photo, the bagpipe still commands attention not only because it is a fascinating instrument but also because it's size stretches from one side of the image to the other.
The Sense of Hearing shows a quartet of women that are all playing different instruments. The instruments include a cello, violin, flute, and piano. While the three women that are standing are focusing on the sheet music that rests on the piano, the pianist is actually focused on the viewer.
The Harp of Erin is a painting that depicts an angelic woman playing a harp as she stands upon a rock as water from the sea rushes up behind her. Not only is the woman the focal point of the image, but she also appears to remain graceful as she plays her harp in front of the turbulent waters.
The Music Lesson is an image that displays a woman sitting as she plays a form of guitar while apparently receiving a lesson from the man that is standing. The two individuals appear to be alone in the room so the viewer's focus can be on them as their focus is on the sheet music in front of them.
Company Making Music is a painting showing four individuals both male and female in close proximity to each other and all playing instruments. Sheet music is present in the image, but no one is focused on it which shows that they are playing freestyle and completely for the enjoyment of it.
Music Group on a Balcony depicts a group of people accompanied by a dog that are all enjoying music. Some of the individuals are playing instruments while some appear to be singing and others dancing. The perspective of the viewer is from the ground or a lower floor of the building.
Musical Society is a portrait or painting of three individuals all gathered around a piano apparently rehearsing. The two standing individuals appear to be engulfed in the music while the woman playing the piano is slightly focused on the viewer. All three individuals are dressed very well which determines that the musical meeting must be formal.
Portrait of a Man with a Sheet of Music is a photo of a man that is sitting in the middle of the image with his right hand slightly pointing down as his left hand holds the sheet music. His facial expression and hand gesture are one of a teacher giving instruction to a student.
The Music Party depicts three musician women surrounding a table. Only one of the women holds an instrument which is a form of guitar while the other two women are focused on sheet music. While the instrumentalist holds the guitar, she is also pointing at the sheet music to bring the other women's attention to a specific part of the musical piece. This photo does not depict what today's idea of a music party may be.
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