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This photo is example of high contrast because the range of the darkest and lightest color is very minimal.For example the man compared to the teeth is a large range of color difference.
This is an example of low contrast because the darkest color is dark gray. The range from the darkest color the the lightest is very minimal.
This picture is an example of value scale because the transition from black to white is very clear and can be classified by numerical values.
This is an example of balanced value distribution because this has a different feel other pictures its clear and the values are very balanced.
This is an example of unbalanced value distribution because this picture is very blurry and has unbalanced colors therefore its blurry.
This is an example volumetric value because its not popping out and looks plain and has no shadow.
This is an example of attached shadows because it shows the shadow on the creature.
This is an example of cast shadow because the tree casts a shadow on the building and on the ground.
This image is an example of atmospheric perspective because it looks like the water is coming at you.
This is an example of chiaroscuro because it creates a illusion of the space created by the light entering the room.
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