These artworks are a representative of my home town/country Samoa. I have said this because all of these artworks remind me of what beautiful island tropics are like. i have mainly chose these artworks in particular because they specify what  the pacific islands are like which is not only mysterious but a beautiful place for relaxing. The two artworks that I thought really related to my theme was ''Tuterei kawera'' and the blubber island as the first one was an excellent representation of what the island people truly look like, this is shown through the tattoos and patterns on the elderly's face. My second artwork that related to my theme was blubber island as it conveyed what the waters look like in the islands, this is displayed through the greens within the water.  

This artwork displays the obstacles that you would find within an island this artwork is very structural as they contain the natural resources and flora and fauna found in an island
This artwork is a representative of what native islanders look like, it is an excellent representation as it shows what the people did truly look like compared to what the people look like nowadays which is very different.
This artwork is very structural and this is shown through the colours and the mood of the artwork
this artwork is very cultural, this is shown through the clothing and natural materials that the native islanders are wearing this is an excellent example of what the island people wore, there weren't many resources back then therefore this is what they wore an lived in.
this artwork is very cultural this is shown in the actions of the people.
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