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LINE; the trail that the turtle left leads your eye to the turtle and towards the ocean.
LINE; the road acts as a leading line and pulls your eye down the road.
VALUE; this photo has mainly black and whites and not a lot of color in between.
VALUE; this photo has many different shades of grey to show low contrast.
SHAPE; the panel creates a rectangular shape along with the door frame.
SHAPE; this can of spray paint has a cylinder shape.
FORM; the way the artist painted the balcony¿?/¿ shows the form of it and makes it pop out.
FORM; the photographer used angle and depth to show the form of this gate.
COLOR; there are a lot of bright colors in this picture so there's high saturation.
COLOR; there aren't many bright lights so the saturation is low.
SPACE; the dancers are the positive space and the black is the negative space.
SPACE; the artist uses foreground, middle ground, and background to show space.
TEXTURE; this photo shows implied texture. The pattern on the reef looks bumpy.
TEXTURE; the artist made it look like the fountain would feel smooth when you touch it.
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