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 "Every age projects its own image into its art."       Realism art occurred during the mid-19th century. Realism art has certain characteristics that may make it seem brash or gritty. Realism often depicts peasant life or life on the streets, showing the real problems at the time, rather than the lush life of the nobility. Art would also show landscapes, artists would take their tools directly into the countryside and paint there, instead of indoors. 

This shows a few realism characteristics because it shows a landscape in the countryside, and it shows peasant life. The painting is of a small farm that has a single house and many animals. It is a very pretty painting, too because of the way the moon is glowing down onto the farm and animals.
This painting also shows real problems at the time, with poor peasants. The man and woman are in no way meant to look attractive or pretty, what with their dirty faces and ragged clothing. Behind them is also a rural landscape, which were often painted at the time.
Not only did artists paint the poor on farms, but also in the city streets. In the sketch, a mother and two children are living in a small and dingy house. The family is also not wearing extravagant and expensive clothing that would be associated with the upper classes.
The waves in this painting are very detailed and accurate to what real waves would look like. This is a very pretty painting of a rural landscape. Courbet was known for painting many landscapes from all over France. His paintings could include a farm or a cliff side.
Another landscape painting by Courbet, which is also very beautiful. It is very detailed and precise, when it comes to the scenery. I think Courbet may have taken his supplies to paint out into the country with him to paint this. Many artists were known to paint outside, rather than indoors.
This painting would be considered brash or audacious during the Realism period. Many artists painted naked men and women at the time, in all types of different settings. I think it is strange for someone to paint only a naked woman with a parrot and very little around them.
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