Photographs of landscapes and nature Created BY Dillon Mock

This gallery includes works of landscape/cityscape and nature photography from different photographers that have their work on display in the Online Google Art Gallery. The visual theme that I chose is Texture and the subject based theme is history as all of the photographs are old and in black and white. The art gallery is black and white landscape/cityscape, and nature photos. The medium for these varies from glass to fabric and more modern paper.

This photo appears to be of a homestead in the mountains somewhere. Visual elements that are apart of my theme of texture is the mountains in the background and the textures of the roof's and house and buildings in the foreground.
This photo is of a waterfall in the woods somewhere. Looking at this photograph It shows texture in pretty much every aspect of the photograph. Looking at the photograph one can see the texture and details of the limbs, rocks, while the water appears to be flowing smoothly.
This photo appears to be of a walking path in a garden. Texture is the element that I chose and it is amazing the texture and detail that can be seen in the walls, trees, and plants.
This photo appears to be of a building that has a palm tree next to it. Texture is the element that I chose. In this photo texture is shown in the palm branches, The tile looking floors and the wall of the building.
This is a photo of El Capitan in Yosemite Park. The element that I chose is texture. This photo shows texture in nature photography in the mountain, and the trees. Looking at the water it is so smooth that it has almost perfect reflections and has no texture.
This is a photo of a river called Llugwy near the Bettws-y-Coed. Texture is the element that I chose and looking at this photo there is a lot of texture that is shown. Texture is specifically with the trees and the rocks that are in and around the water.
This is a photo of tracks coming out of a tunnel in the mountains of Colorado. The specific element that I chose is texture.This image has obvious texture all in the photo. In the back ground the mountains look rough because of the trees that cover it, in the middle ground there are trees that give the photo texture and in the closest part of the photo there are the tracks, tunnel walls, and rocks that cover the side of the tracks.
This photo is of "The Royal Gorge in the Grand Canon of Arkansas". This photo also has a lot of texture shown in it. The canyon walls show a lot of the texture in the photo however the tracks as well as the rives show different textures too.
This is a photo of a river landscape. The texture in the photo is the the rough looking waters and the trees that are spotty on the ricky faces of the river.
This is a photograph of a cactus. A cactus has a lot of texture to begin with and this photo really shows the detail. Looking at the cactus one can see the thorns and the bumps that are cover the cactus.
Credits: All media
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