This is a few of my favorite Impressionist works. Impressionist work directly relates to light and color. Impressionists try to capture the exact moment that they experience, the exact weather, lighting, colors, etc. and that is what I love about Impressionism. I love looking at Impressionist work and seeing the beautiful outside settings that just resemble a happy, beautiful Spring day.

This work is clearly Impressionism because of the use of color and light. Monet used these intense complementary colors, red and green, to make the red flowers pop out. Monet used the natural light coming from the sun in this painting. Along with the natural light, Monet used the pleasant landscape and the nature setting to make the light and colors pop.
Monet is known for his Haystack paintings. Monet tried to paint exactly what he saw and captured these haystacks in every season because he loved the difference of the color and light and shadows from the different seasons.
Water Lilies pulls to the "photographic" theme of the Impressionist. The painting is cropped so that the viewer cant even be sure where they are standing and how they are viewing the scene. Monet only allows you to see exactly what he wants you to see.
This painting is a little different because of the anterior setting, most Impressionist work has an outside setting. This painting does have the cropped view, you can not see the heads of the ballerinas and also where Degas cropped the painting behind some of the Orchestra leaves you where you can see that there are more people to see, but he does not allow you to see them.
This painting is Impressionism because of the use of light. Renoir shows he has mastered light from the way he made the light look like it was peeking through the trees. The light directly works with color in this painting, where the light peeks through the trees the peoples clothes and hair changes from the color it was in the shade.
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