This gallery is a gallery of paintings that remind me of seasons...

This painting looks like a spring scene to me, mostly because of the title Spring Landscape.
This one looks like it was in the time of slavery due to the fact that they all look very overworked. It reminds me of the late summer, early fall times.
This painting looks like it would be in the spring time because the spring is when trees are blooming.
This picture looks like it has a mixture of all of the seasons in it.
This painting is taking place in the winter time. The name is strange because there are no pancakes.
This one looks like spring because of the rainy looking colors.
This one looks very summer like because of all of the green trees.
This painting looks like a summer scene. I like how the painting looks like nothing close **, but when far away you can see the picture.
This looks like summer because of the orange lighting.
This looks like late spring, early summer to me because of all of the green.
This one looks like winter in the mountains. It seems to be early summer because the trees are still orange.
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