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At the dawn of modern civilization, fantastic tales of supernatural entities looking over all of us were passed on from generation to generation. The times and tribulations of the gods and mortals became what we know today as mythology, one of the earliest expression of the Greek and Roman cultures and the inspiration for countless works of art, architecture and literature. An exhibit of sculptures, paintings, and more ranging from past to modern day art.

Zeus was the king of the gods of olympus. He played a big role in mythology and I didn't see any other better art piece than to include this one in this exhibit. This sculpture is very well made depicting Zeus in a throne, showing his royal place in Olympus.
Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite are rulers of the sea. In the painting it is depicted that poseidon and her are lovers, clearly shown by them being near each other. Poseidon is seen on his seahorse and she is being held up by Poseidon's men of sea.
This sketch which was painted in the renaissance era, shows Hercules capturing Cerberus for a quest that he was given. What really stands out is that he shaded the background a darker color making the two of them stand out in the picture.
This sculpture of the demigod Perseus, depicts him holding the head of the evil gorgon medusa. The famous myth is about him slaying the evil gorgon and the sculpture pays tribute to his victory and myth.
This fresco designed painting was done for the sole purpose of depicting the myth of Ulysses and the Sirens. Painted on a wall this painting perfectly depicts the terror that Ulysses had to go through in the myth.
This hellenistic type of sculpture depicts Apollo: The god of light, music, and health. The most distinctive part of this image is actually his harp and how much detail goes into it, even the strings.
This silver medallion pays tribute to the goddess of beauty, love, and sexual desires. The medallion shows off her womanly features and shows her people fawning over her.
This photo depicts the temple of athena in Greece. It is magnificent form of architecture built to please the goddess athena. The building depicted in the picture is a tetrastyle ionic structure with a triangle roof.
This sculpture depicts Laocoon and his sons being swallowed up by one of Poseidon's sea creatures, just like in the myth. It shows the horror of the sea monster by depicting emotions of horror and the tentacles of the actual beast.
A sculpture fragment that was found in the Parthenon in the city of Athens. The fragment depicts a man riding a horse seeming to be riding into battle or after a dead looking man.
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