Kanan Flynn


this shows good shape since it has a bunch of rectangles and other figures on the base
the emphasis on this sculpture would be in its arm and head since the arm is away and the head is more colorful (also looks like Micheal Jackson)
this shows movement in the way the glass looks like its breaking and the fin is coming out of the top
this one shows proportion well since its all the same size
i think that the sculpture shows harmony since it has most of the elements that work well together
this has an amazing use of texture because when you look at him you can tell where it is rough and smooth. the best example of texture would be in his hair
this statue uses its form to show that he is very well placed and shows that he is scanning something looking for something or someone
this sculpture is nothing but variety since its just different things and uses a lot of the elements
there is a lot of rhythm on the crown of this figure and in his eye brows as they led the eye to a different part of the sculpture
this shows balance since there are only to people about the same size and they look equal
the rhythm in this sculpture makes you look to the eyes since the eye brows are slanted in that direction and the pattern is in the mouth with the teeth
this shows line with all the lines that make up the entire thing
the space in this is used very well since there is positive and negative space.
this piece shows value in a way that the light shows that there is a deep black but when the light hits it it turns into a white.
i think this is a good use of color because there is color but not too much. they used just the right amount to make it look good and the combanation of green and gold works well
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