Renaissance Art

By David Demirchyan

This piece of art grabbed my attention because there is so much emotion in the mans face. This is an example of the Renaissance because there is lots of emotion, it is a drawing of a human, and it has real face features.
This piece of art go my attention because I have seen it many times before and I cant tell if she is smiling or frowning. This art is apart of the Renaissance because it is 3d, it is a real human, and it looks realistic.
This painting caught my attention because I am religous and saw Jesus in the painting. This art belongs to the Renaissance period because it is 3d, has real humans, and has realistic features.
This piece of art caught my eye because Jesus stood out from all of the doctors. This piece of art is from the Renaissance because it is in 3d, its realistic, and has bright colors.
Credits: All media
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