Yasmim Giovanelli Manente

1- The size of her bed. 2- The condition of her bed. 3- The way she is dressing means she most likely isn't from a upper class.
1- The way she is getting the water. 2- The neighborhood. 3- At the time period black people had very few chances on being rich.
1- The way the house is looking like. 2- The way the clothes look. 3- The chickens are all free, probably because they don't have much land.
1- The clothes. 2- Her skin colour (NOT RACIST, but at the time period it means that she probably didn't have much success). 3- She's holding a broom and a mop.
1- The way the clothes that they are wearing looks like. 2- No adults are near by (probably they are orphans). 3- The conditions of the place are terrible.
1- The size of the house and the condition it is in. 2- People look that they are starving. 3- Too many kinds for a small house.
1- Conditions of the room. 2- The way she is dressing. 3- The objects she has inside the room are very cheap.
1- The clothing is literally destroyed. 2- He seems to be sleeping, probably a homeless child. 3- He is so skinny that maybe he can't afford to buy food.
1- The size and conditions of the house. 2- The clothing of the family seems all dirty. 3- Looks like they live outside of town. Probably because they can't afford to be inside of the city.
1- Clothing looks very dirty. 2- The condition of the house/barn (not sure) is looking pretty bad. 3- The neighborhood seems pretty poor.
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