Brook's Elements of Art

Content This is an example of content because it show an sense of sadness on the girl's face.
Space-Illusion of Depth This is an great example of Illusion of depth because it looks like the woman is short but she is taller than what she looks like.
Unity This is an good example of unity because everything is put in the right place is everything is nature.
Contour Line This is an great example of contour line because you can tell different parts on the body of the people.
Complementary Colors This is an nice example of complementary colors because there are colors that are opposite of the color wheel like the blue an orange.
Space-Foreshortening This is an good example because Jesus is print so far back it looks like he is super tall.
Form This an a nice example of form because he man are all different sizes and shapes.
Outline This an an excellent example of outline because the dark lines that make up the walls.
Color - Analogous This is an nice picture of analogous color because it shows an even fall look.
Color-Perceptual This is example of perceptual because it show when the sun hits the grass it turns an blue color.
Nonrepresentational This is an good example because there are two lines with no purses of being on the printing.
Cross Hatching This is an example nice example of cross hatching because you can see the circles in the little girls hair.
Emphasis This is an good example of emphasis because as soon as you look at it you eyes goes straight at the house.
Arbitrary Color This is an nice example of arbitrary color because the puppies ears are red and they faces are light yellow.
Implied Line This is an example of an implied line that starts from his hip bone all the way down to his leg an stop at his foot.
Proportion This is a example of proportion because it is an big picture on a room floor way lager if you would of print it.
Scale This is an good example of scale because one figure is lager than then other one but both of them are very big.
Abstract This an example of abstract art because it's not anything real that you can see but it does have like an dark colors going on there.
Representational This is an excellent example of representation because the sky looks so real, like you can go outside an see that in sky.
Texture-Actual This is an good of actual texture because you can see an also feel the smoothness of the figure.
Repetition/ Rhythm This is an good example because it uses the same spaces and colors over and over.
Space-Positive/ Negative This is an an good example of positive and negative space because the figure represent the positive and the background is the negative space.
Movement /Motion This is an excellent example of of movement cause you can picture the young boy moving.
Nonrepresentational This is a good example of nonrepresentational because there is no mean to the printing , it's just print on there.
Variety This is a excellent example of variety because everything comes alive in the room is has nice loud colors and everything is in it's place.
Symmetrical Balanced This is an nice example of symmetrical balanced because it shows parts of the human body that you can see an know what it is.
Value- Chiaroscuro This is an example of chiaroscuro because it shows the light an dark of the face of this woman.rdddffffxcccccc
Asymmetrical Balance This is an good example of asymmetrical balance because the road almost divides the house an trees apart.
Balanced Radical This is a nice example of balanced radical because you look in the middle because it is the darkest color on the picture.
Pattern This is an excellent example of pattern the same drawing that's on the left is on the right.
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