The Feeling Of Love

In my exhibition, I have chosen the theme of Love and have selected eight examples to show you. In this exhibition you will see different types of artwork that show how people describe and feel love from different Artists all over the world. I selected these artworks in my exhibition because everybody in the world loves to feel loved and to love somebody and what better way to show then through different kinds of artwork.

"The Kiss" was painted by painter Gustav Klimt between 1907-1908, The canvas makes out a picture of a couple embracing their bodies together. I chose this because giving hugs is a warm feeling to all
Cassatt skillfully evoked the tender relationship between mother and child through line, color, and pattern. I chose this picture because there is nothing like a bond between A mother and her child.
This Art Work is a glass sculpture of a man and a woman as the man is feeding the woman pasta. I chose this artwork because people in love do things for one another just like feeding their love one.
Icy and Sot are graffiti artists, who have been getting up in the streets of NYC to paint beautiful things like this picture shown here. I chose this because love can be shown anywhere.
This painting carries many things throughout it such as drinking, dancing, and lust. I chose this painting because a wedding is the happiest day of peoples life, people show so much happiness and love
This painting shows an American Sailor kissing a woman on Victory over Japan Day. I chose this painting because their is no greater way to show love then by a kiss
This is Brownscombe most famous painting. It portrays a image of traditional rural life. I chose this painting because these families are true to sticking together as a family and their lifestyle.
One of Henry Scott Tuke famous paintings makes out this beautiful painting about young love in 1888. I chose this painting because young love is always the sweetest kind of love.
Credits: All media
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