Creating Dreams

As part of the Assignment Google Art Gallery, I chose the theme Composition to discuss in my art gallery for the artworks I chose in the website. I hope you enjoy it.

Think about movement, illusion, dreams, rhythm, and all of that mixed with urban art. Os Gêmeos are two Brazilian artists that create everything in big murals all over the world.
Here you can see how they bring composition to their artworks differently that general urban artwork. It's like mixing reality with imagination.
Here we can se how so many different images from different references can at the end, complement the artwork as one. It is like creating a single piece that truly is a composition of many.
I decided to choose this video to better showcase the process of making those huge artworks.
See how the lines of the human shapes look to be part of the painting and how the sky completes their heads. The composition of the pieces is so good that you don't even miss a canvas on a square.
It is strange to see how Wolfgang composed the painting because it doesn't needed to be something real, but it could only exist. The shapes completely exists inside the artwork and that's enough.
Is it a human? Maybe a giant person with the head of a chicken, with a background that looks to be far away. The attempt to make a human turn into a rooster united creativity into a single shape.
What do you think he wanted to mean with that? The composition of the painting goes beyond itself, think about the title and try to imagine images. Composition that fits the title into the artwork.
Frida painted inside-out. She expressed herself in many ways. Maybe the watermelons expressed the time that you could enjoy life a bit. The background, shapes, color and perspective unite everything.
Frida represents her moment of life when she had lost her baby with Diego Rivera in the hospital wanting to express all those sad situations into one artwork uniting many items into one, as she did.
Se how so many shapes get to be united as they were only one. The title is alarm clock but the composition of the artwork goes beyond the title, like as if everything was one big and only mechanism.
The tonality of colors and lines are easy to be identified, but look how interesting this painting looks. It feels that there is a painting inside the other, seeing like if you were in a theater.
Dabs Myla made several child dreams into one single dream with a variety of cartoons and colors, but with a special mix of urban art, composing different shapes as different worlds that are connected.
Expressing a voice through a urban painting can be done in several different ways, but this one also express a changing of feeling through the lines and colors represented.
Here we can see so many shapes and colors united into a giant urban art that it even looks to be only one giant piece, but the fact is that they are all small ones that make the composition.
The same that happened in the past one also happens here. Beautiful and colorful, all the shapes look to be only one when looking with a good distance, but closely are all creative and unique lines.
Credits: All media
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