The theme of my art exhibition is 'Tropical'. I have chosen this particular theme in result of a deep interest towards tropical atmospheres and landscapes. The artworks consisted in this exhibition includes paintings, installations, etc which relate to a tropical theme, in which are all predominately warm and bright colours in order to follow the structure of Tropical Artworks.  This 'Tropical' theme mostly always uses warm colours and some of the time there are images of nature supporting the overall artwork. In most tropical artworks, nature is the salient image or main image.  A vast majority of the artworks in this exhibition portrays personal memories from the perspective of the artists, whereas other artworks may have been inspired or created under the influence of the atmosphere around them, such as beaches, jungles, etc. Most of these artworks are subjective. As already previously explained, this is because a vast majority of the artworks displayed in this exhibition are created under influence or inspiration, or even memories, therefore they are subjective artworks. The warm colours and setting of the artworks carry on throughout the entire exhibition. Overall, this exhibition displays a Tropical theme, which includes a consistent structure in terms of colour, vibrancy, etc.

Post Modern: This artwork is post modern because it is an installation. It is a modern artwork, using advanced methods in order to produce an installation representing a tropical theme.
Cultural: This cultural artwork is from the Indian culture. We know this because of the title of the artwork, which explains the fact that this is an Indian painting of a tropical landscape in India.
Subjective: This artwork is subjective as it provokes emotion/mood. The warm colours and gentle atmosphere is what sparks different feelings towards this artwork.
Structural: This artwork is structural because of the way every detail is positioned. It follows a specific structure, as well as that, the warm colours are also transferred onto a black cabinet.