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Rich or Royalty?!

A. She is rich B. There are 2 flowers, bright/dark colors, a shadow so there must be some light on her Might be in a castle up high because of the light C. She is very rich because the clothes and jewlery she is wearing D. Her name would be queen Eliza, She is in a very rich/high social class, she is a bright/maybe mean sometimes, i like that she has some light on her so she can be observed, I don't like she has nothing in the back so we don't know much about her!
A. she is rich B. The background is just blue so it doesn't really show us much C. That she is a rich queen has a lot of jewels and money, I don't know why this would be important D. There is already a name so I guess Queen Marissa, high social class, well she is a queen so maybe nice and a little strict, I like everything except for the background because there is nothing there to say about her
A. She is rich B. She is an artist because of the picture she is holding with a pencil. She is a rich, important, artist. C. She is a rich artist, She has a picture/drawling in her hand a pencil D. Cassandra, high class, She is a very involved and diverse person, I like everything most importantly they are showing a woman artist in the renaissance. I like that because I haven't seen women artists yet
A. She is rich B. She is lonely and has a dog because of the background C. She is rich and maybe lonely, sometimes the background tells a little about the subject D. Queen Lia, high class, she is lonely, I like how the expressed her feelings in the background (I think)
A. She is rich and has a son B. Next to the woman there is a little boy that looks like her son, it could be important because maybe she wants us to thinks she is a good mother C. She is a good mother, she has a son that looks kind of loved and happy in the painting D. Gianna, high class, she is a caring loving person, I like everything
A. She is rich B. The clothes she is wearing, she might be royalty C. She is a wealthy young maiden, the clothes she is wearing says a lot about who she is D. Lyla, high class, she doesn't really want to be there right now (I'm just guessing), I like everything from the colors to the patterns
A. She is a rich wealthy maiden B. The clothes she is wearing and the big fancy hat she has on C. That she is a rich wealthy maiden , because of the clothes she is wearing and the bog fancy hat D. Catherine, high class, she is maybe lonely and serious, I like that the painting brings out her rich side with all the feathers and fancy clothes
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