Discovering Looted art of world war ii

In this gallery, I chose to show looted artwork images from World War II. I picked this topic to show the massive amounts of art that were stolen while the Nazi's were in power and the damages that occurred while in possession of the Nazi's. 

Adolf Hitler stole many valuable pieces of art during the duration of World War II. In this particular photo, the paintings were used in the Nuremberg Trials to document the Nazi looting operations.
This painting is the Holy Family found in Altaussee. Due to the harsh conditions that it was kept in after looted, many blisters and flaking started to occur on the painting.
Two military men were inspecting Rembrandt's self portrait that was found in a salt mine. This is where the Nazi's kept all of their looted pieces.
General Eisenhower was inspecting some of the looted work found in the salt mines.
The Allied forces began the repair and restoration of the Notre Dame after suffering damages during the war.
German loot was stored in a church in Ellingen, Germany that was later found by the US Army.
An unknown Rembrandt was recovered in Munich.
A painting of Adam and Eve was taken by US troops to be taken and put on exhibition display at the 101st Airborne Division.
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