A comparison of African American Civil Rights And Women's Suffrage

By: Brooke Roberts

During the African American Civil Rights movement, there would be huge marches by the African Americans. This was done to try and get people to listen to them and their need for rights.
During the marches, they would carry posters like this depicting what they were marching for.
Even children would join in the marches or protests by holding signs like this to support.
This is another example of one of their huge marches or rallies that took place.
During these rallies, they would also wear pins, like the next three examples, to show even more support for wanting African American rights.
This is a picture of Rosa Parks. She was one of the first people to start the Montgomery Bus boycott. She refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man, so she was thrown off the bus and arrested. This is one of the main events that led to the Montgomery Bus boycott which lasted for 382 days.
This is a picture of the bus that Rosa Parks refused to give her seat up on.
Martin Luther King Jr. was the most profound and memorable African American Civil Rights leaders. He was the one that led the bus boycott, rallies, and gave the I Have a Dream speech.
Here he is meeting with some of the other profound leaders during this time. He is probably having a meeting with them about gaining Civil Rights.
This video is of President John F. Kennedy giving a speech to the United States telling them that African Americans will be freed and have the same rights, because if all of the citizens of the United States are not free, then the United States is not a free and just country.
This is a pin that women would wear to support women's rights.
These are some examples of the pennants that women would use at rallies or other meetings to support women's rights.
This is another photo depicting the memorabilia that was used at rallies and everyday life to support women getting rights.
This is an example of a propaganda poster trying to persuade people to support women in getting rights.
This photo was created during World War 2 to advertise the need for women in factories. It also shows that women could work in factories just like men could before the war.
This is a picture of many of the different posters that were hung up about getting rights for women.
Before women got their rights, they were discriminated against and physically made to do things that were unfair to them. They were also handled in a way that was physical and harming to them.
People like Elizabeth Stanton and Lucy Stone were leaders of the women's rights movement. They established things like the National Woman Suffrage Association and the American Woman Suffrage Association, which were organizations directed towards fighting for women's rights.
These two Civil Rights movements are very much alike in that they wanted rights for a minority. They wanted to be able to vote, they wanted to be able to have the same paying jobs as the people that are "higher" than them. Once they started protesting against the government and the laws against them, people started realizing and the government eventually gave both of the minorities their Civil Rights. In my opinion, the African Americans was more successful in achieving their goals. They started out with nothing, and look where they are now. They have equal education, equal paying jobs, no segregation in public places, they can vote, and many more. Women also made out pretty well, but in my opinion, the African Americans got many more rights than the women did, and came farther in their fight.
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