My Favorites

The images that are in this gallery ranges from being created in the 1800's to the present day 2010's. I like all of this pictures because they a unique touch to it that catches your and make them different from other images.

In the painting by Frederic Edwin Church, it is unique in its own way. It is amazing how the rainbow is made visible in background when it has a fog like effect. I like the way he emphasizes the island
This one is also unique in a way. The making of the different planes that make up the portrait are different and Juan Gris used Cubism to homage to his fellow Spainard Pablo Picasso. And the colors he uses make it have a chrome metallic feel but not quite. I like it personally because I never seen anything similiar to it.
I like that the way he painted the waterfall with wisps at the end and you can see through it as well. I think that the way he did this is very eye catching to me and probable to others.
I also like this one as well. It reminds me of The Starry Night because of the way the brush strokes are. They are swirling just like in The Starry Night and it almost the same but this painting has the trees in it.
Even though I cannot get what the image is or what is about, I still like it. I has a Melting effect. The grayish blue thing looks like it is melting of the beige tan thing.
I like this because the artist took a controversial topic of racism that is big in this time and made it into a joke and also made the letters up of words of something he wrote.
I like this one because it is more modern but not that modern. I like the use of the different color that go well with each other. I also like the black and white with the black scribble on white and then the scribbles turn into white on the black.
This one is my favorite of them all because it looks like different images of different days make up one giant image and every image has a thing that what happened today and yesterday in three different languages.
Credits: All media
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