7 elements

Line- This specific piece expresses the element of Line because the entire picture is made of lines, and nothing but lines.
Shape- This piece has a pattern of geometric shapes. The shape used is a circle.
Form- This is a form of Form because it is a sculpture that expresses the key qualities such as, height, width, and depth.
Value- This piece is a water color painting. Water color paintings are known to convey value. As you look farther back into the painting the ground is still the same color, just darker.
Space- This piece portrays the element of Space because it has a shape of emptiness within the gray frame.
Texture- This sculpture contains real texture. If you were to physically feel this sculpture you would feel the rigid and smooth looking edges.
Color- It is hard to describe color, but this piece has a few. This contains the properties hue, value, and intensity.
Credits: All media
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