for class

This piece uses the colors I intended to use in my painting. These colors are reminiscent of a cool early morning with mist. These natural colors are created by nature.
Like my image, this work includes a gate. My gate symbolizes human control and change on nature. In my painting the gate and trimmed hedges separate the audience from the trees.
This image shows the beauty only nature can create. It includes mist like my painting and has a dreamlike quality. Instead of a static mist this mist is dancing and you see human figures in it.
This image is the closest to mine. Like my image it reflects the natural beauty of the early morning.
In my work there are dark trees in the background that look mysterious. These dark tress are interesting and contrast the light from the sun. They create a pattern that draws your eyes down.
Like my image this image includes a gate and trees which can show the human organization of nature. Like my image it asks the question whether we are on the inside or the outside.
i love the mixing of his colors and the recycled quality
simple assemblage. i love the simplicity and the military-like colors and massive weight
i was drawn to the "thunder bay" part because i took a vacation there once. i love the green and familiar text. it almost reminds me of a tennis court
i LOVE this piece. Douglas Coupland comments on the west's theft of northern resources and culture. the colors are cool and interesting. the narwhal tusk and radio create beautiful parallel
although not exactly assemblage still very interesting how it takes up space. do they have to be assemblage?
i love how this piece layers and registers colors creating a more complex print that looks like a map
you can see how linocut looks when it is rough. there is a lot of nice texture and interesting shapes
this image has a really nice magical wave of paper. the colors are really great and its hard to believe its a print
i love the simple lines and color that play together well with the dark colors contrasting the light colors.
the look of this image is very flowing and (whatever they used to create this) add to the movement of the image. the energy being directed into adam
the atmosphere is incredible. i love it soooooo much. i am interested to understand the process this picture was made with.
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