Marjane's childhood took her to new and unfamiliar changes during the revolution in Iran, separating her from her friends, even her family, eventually. She grows up trying to understand the world around her and how to make a difference, however she struggles to find out that standing up for what she believes in puts her in trouble. ..........................................................Gilgamesh is a powerful man and "god" but soon is faced with a new "friend" Enkidu. Both of them experience new journeys; transforming from these experiences.

I chose this piece because it reminds me of how the story of Gilgamesh seems to find a friend; transforming friendship. "My son, the axe you saw is a friend,like a wife you'll love him" I 290.
I chose this piece because of the name. Gilgamesh and Enkidu clash and then become friends. II 115.
This reminded me of how Enkidu was introduced to the food and beer and how he suddenly became happy and fulfilled with singing songs. "His mood became free, he started to sing" P 100-105.
The fight with the Bull of Heaven was chaotic "Enkidu rushed around to the rear of the Bull, he seized it by the tuft of the tail." VI 140.
The forest is the nature of Enkidu where Aruru creates him. "Took a pinch of clay, threw it down in the wild." I 100-105.
I chose this picture because it says a lot about Marji's experience at her school. She was separated from her class mates, changing her experience growing up. "We found ourselves veiled and separated from our friends." pg 4.
Marjane's thoughts about the war, and what they did to Ahmadi affected her thoughts that he was cut into pieces. It affected the way the world was in her eyes. Her innocence gave her a shocking surprise. "In the end he was cut to pieces." pg 52
This is a perfect picture example of Marj's experience as time changes with the veil and how it was evolving. "It's true that wearing the veil was a real science. You had to make a special fold: Nevertheless, things were evolving...year by year women were winning an eighth of an inch of hair and losing an eighth of veil." Pg.293
When Marjane experiences the changes that were occurring in her country and the demonstrations that she saw became violent. "For the first time in my life, I saw violence with my own eyes." Pg.76
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