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Ancient Greece and Aegean

Classical, 450 BC. Calm and realistic, the classical Greek period was all about proportionately and tranquility as seen in this sculpture. Wealth was very present in this period and the emotion and detail of this work shows the time put into his hair and beard.  
Hellenistic 400BC. Much more detailed than the archaic period, Hellenistic sculptures show the lines and movement of the subjects by using contaposto. The detail of the face and hair showed this culture valued the human body.    
Archaic, 540 BC. This jug displays the rise of the archaic power showing a king and his two servants. Decorations and style were heavily influenced by the outside world such as Egypt.    
Cycladic female. 2200 BC. This women figurine has a geometric sculpted body and face. Resembles modern day art with symmetrical lines in the arms. 
Minoan bull. 1450 BC. This displays the simplistic culture the Minoans had, depicting a bull in motion. Minoans were only well known for their pottery, and this is a basic sculpture for their time.
Mycenaean clay bottle. 1300 BC.  The Mycenaean culture was one of the most predominant cultures of Greece displaying the money and power they had. Luxury and time were honored producing beautiful pottery and paintings
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