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 "Every age projects it own image into its art."                       Abstract Expressionism is a form of art where bright colors are painted in solid blocks and straight, straight lines. Paintings are usually done on large canvases, rather than regular, smaller ones. Artists portray their emotions into their art by using different techniques (action painting and color field painting) and materials. 

PH-247 is a painting by Clyfford Still, who is a well-known Abstract Expressionist. Still is known for putting his feelings of the cold and harsh terrain in Alberta Canada into his art. In PH-247, Still uses cold colors and straight lines which I think are to represent the cold nights he spent in Canada as a child. You can tell that this painting Abstract expressionism because of the large solid blocks of color that are painted on a large canvas.
PH-949 is also by Clyfford Still. This painting also has a solid color painted in large portions (color field painting). Still also used bright colors (the red, blue, and yellow) which was common for Abstract Expressionists.You can see the large and thick brushstrokes that the artists used, again common in Abstract Expressionism.
This painting is very colorful with different shades of orange and yellow. The sharp and straight lines are very prominent by outlining the other colors with some white. PH-972 is painted on a very large canvas, so there are large brushstrokes. It also seems as if the painter, Clyfford Still used the technique, of dripping paint onto the canvas, this is called action painting.
Elaine de Kooning has some different characteristics when it come to Abstract Expressionism. While most Abstract Expressionists painted non-realistic images, mostly just colors and lines, Elaine de Kooning painted people. She still had the common themes to her art, such as solid colors, large brushstrokes, and painting on large canvases. In this painting you can clearly see there is a man, rather than just colors and shapes.
This is another painting by Elaine de Kooning. You can also see a real person in this painting, who is President John F. Kennedy. De Kooning used solid colors (greens, yellow, and white) and thick brushstrokes. Another technique she might have used in this painting is action painting, where she dribbled the paint onto the canvas. The canvas itself is very tall, sticking to the common theme of using a large canvas.
Olga Albizu was another Abstract Expressionist painter who also used the common themes that were used. She used many bright colors in this painting, all were in solid blocks and not blended. The colors were separated by sharp and straight edges. The canvas that Olga Albizu used seems to also be very large, rather than a smaller more common canvas.
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