urban colors

This gallery includes uses a collection of different artworks as a medium to describe the city life. From the culture to the natural surroundings Urban Colors illustrates what living in the core of modern society feels like. This gallery has been created by: Ricardo Sangiao

The subject of this work are two friends browsing items at a store. This image represents to me cultural diversity, social activities and consumerism which are frequent elements found in any urban scene. I choose this image because of the content in its message and the artistic way it was taken. The reflection of the window is an interesting way of blending two perspectives of the same scene at the same time.
The subject of this image is a man on the floor of a city’s streets. The focus is the man being ignored by the rest of the pedestrians. This photograph employs a lot of contrast and is represented in black & white.
The subject of this photograph is a giant banner with the image of an elder person who appears to be looking towards the city. The focus is the person’s wrinkles that represent the city’s wrinkles. I choose this image because of the content and the creative way the artist used a photograph as a subject for his photograph.
The subject of this photograph is New York City. The focus of the image are New York’s buildings. I choose this piece because it represents the city’s vast population and the pollution created from the habitants. The photograph is printed on low contrast paper which helps uncover more details from the scene.
The subject of this work is the Tower of Babel. The focus is the construction of Tower of Babel. This artwork represents the constant evolution and complexity of the city. It never stops growing and is always incorporating new habitants. The piece has many details and distributes many elements across the image to maintain a visual balance.
The subject of this work is a fallen lift shaft. The focus of this piece is the aftermath of the disaster. This image uses a lot of contrast with shadows and light illustrations. It represents the corruption behind the evolution of the urban area. This piece employs a lot of organic and geometry shapes.
The subject of this artwork is an ideal city. The focus is a Greco-Roman style city. This image uses central perspective and represents the ideal urban area. It reflects the importance of security and regulation.
The subject of this artwork is a group different persons at a public transportation station. The focus is the social diversity in the city. This artwork employs the use of smooth textures and contrasts between lights and shades. The composition uses many persons as weighted elements to create a balance across the whole image.
The subject of this artwork is the city’s night life. The painting shows a contrast of lighter and darker colors. The artists used smooth textures to illustrate the movement of the city night life and to create a more realistic scene.
The subject of this artwork is the the super population of the big cities. The artist used many different colors and created many detailed buildings near each other in order to create a more overwhelming and almost claustrophobic cluster of elements. This piece uses many organic shapes. The color of the buildings stand out from the darker color of the streets.
Credits: All media
This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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