Heidi Stetzer College Art

This connects to my theme of stories and histories because it shows the character Icarus, from the widely known greek myth starring him and his father.
This connects to the theme of stories and history because it is a statue of the Nordic god Loki, a pagan god of trickery; he even survives in the present day through the supervillian Loki.
This is a direct representation of one of the scenes in the parable of the prodigal son, a widely known biblical story that is the basis for many stories and lessons today.
A bit more modern story, but the tale of the Little Mermaid is one that almost all Western children would recognize and this dreamy piece captures the feeling of loneliness present int he story.
Another Greek myth, this pitcher displays the hero Herakles wrestling with a foe; the 10 deeds of Herakles was a series of myths adapted into a recent Disney movie.
Credits: All media
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