Nature's Colorful Designed Beauty- Cesar Avendano

This gallery is a representation of how beautiful nature is in the beautiful outdoors. Each picture would show how random nature is and the beauty in it. Many of the gallery images of not of nature of one place but rather a mixture of different nature of the world.

You can tell how lush the landscape is due to how green the trees are. The area is so beautiful that you can even see a rainbow as it appears so majestic through the water
The grass or trees are not as green but what helps compensate the landscape is the water, look how clear the water is as it helps reflect the distance mountains in all its beauty.
For one thing, there is so much green its beautiful. There is not much variety of color, but it shows how nature can be beautiful even its covered by lush green trees and narrow beauty river.
An early morning after night, comes this beautiful field as you can see the trees are a variety of shades of green and what adds mystery to the landscape is the fog as it waits to show us the untold
Beauty is not just land but it involves animals as well. The butterfly is one example of beauty. It resembles a clownfish pattern and you can see the lush vegetation as the butterfly show it wings
Not every thing in nature that is beautiful is green but white as in snow. You can see the nature seem to divide some of its beauty across the clear water. You can see how colors matter in nature.
It's nice to know in the land down under there is more color then brown for the dirt and dead trees. you can see the field are do get some rain to help feed it. The sky a blue color but with evening sun
What can you see is the autumn color on the landscape as well as the trees. The beautiful water are blue and divine as the landscape shows it light olive green color grass that covers the rocks.
The beach side of mexico vibrant color is shown clearly. The is dried and has its lost most of its color. But the coast and the water is light crystal blue while in some area you can see the darken water which signals deeper water.
There are a variety of different colors shown in the nature of Ogasawara. The water varies from the blue in the way back and as it closer it changes and the color gets lighter and lighter till it is a teal green color. As before the darker the spot determines the depth. The trees on the various Island are a bright green. Some more then others.
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