Music will always be here

Music was always a joy to be listened to. Back then, instruments such as the piano or the harp were peaceful and a tranquil instruments to listen to. When jazz came along, the saxophone would create an amazing tune. The point being, music will always be around, and changed throughout history. By: Edwin Rivera

In this image, a man is orchestrating a band playing different instruments in the back. I like the unique colors and how it shows that music was always a joy to listen to even back in 1934.
In this image, men are playing jazz music with fancy suits. I picked this image due to the unique colors and how it relates to my theme of music being around for a long time.
In this image we see two men, one holding a guitar and one holding a tambourine I believe. The color of their suits stick out in the image and it makes it visually appealing to look at.
In this image we see three men from an outside country playing an instrument I have never seen before and a bongo in the background. This image shows that music is played worldwide for enjoyment.
In this image we see multiple instruments. You can see DJ turn tables and a piano, also music symbols. I picked this because of how abstract it is, giving faces to instruments and music symbols.
In this image we can see a man playing the piano, but the piano is very abstract since it is curved. There is a city in the background too. The colors just pop right out of the art.
In this image we see an older man in a fancy suit playing an instrument that looks similar to a clarinet. He is is sitting alone playing and when I first saw it, I thought I saw a crowed in the back.
In this image we see a guitar on a table with the window open letting in sunlight. This is a rather abstract image, but I like it and how it fits my music theme.
In this image, we see a guitar on a table next to the music. The reason why I picked this is the unique irregular shape of the guitar and the interesting colors.
In this image, a man is sitting down playing a instrument similar to a guitar, while an animal sits next to him. I picked this because of its colors and how abstract everything looks.
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