Mirra's Egypitian art gallery

A fine collection of pots, jewelry, reliefs, and other masterpieces. 

This vase was probably made a potter. This vase looks like a lot of work was put into it and was probably sold for a lot of money. I'm assuming that someone from the upper class owned it. It was made in Saqqara, Egypt during the New Kingdom period.
This jar was made out of Breccia and it doesn't look very fancy. I am guessing this jar would have been used by the middle or lower class.
This vase was painted with Terracotta, paint. It looks nice although it does not look like it is in the best condition. It may be because of time and natural wear or the owner may not have used it with a lot of care.
This amulet was made from jasper. Objects made from this type of high value material were only available to the upper class.
Ba is the Egyptian concept closest to what is meant by the English word "soul." Ba was thought to be one of the five parts of everyone's soul. This amulet represents that and was most likely worn by priests.
Despite the small size of this necklace spacer, it demonstrates well the master craftsmanship of Kushite artisans. The owner may have been the Kushite king Aramatelqo or one of his courtiers.
This ring was once world famous as the actual signet ring of the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza. This is a very expensive ring made from 21 karat gold but the inscription shows that it really belonged to a man named Neferibre who was a priest.
Egyptian artisans fashioned images of gods, kings, and mortals wearing broad collars just like this one. This would not have been worn by people.
This is a tribute to Akhethotep. The tall walking stick and paddlelike baton indicate his official status.
This tile probably formed part of a decorative faience border framing a painting done on a mud wall in the Great Palace.
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