The Hell of Vietnam - Joseph Campbell

This gallery is a collection of photos of United States military members serving in the Vietnam Conflict. The included photographs are in both black and white as well as in color. They show some of the things our military members had to endure during their time in service and the equipment they had available to them during that time period.

This image captures U.S. military members arriving at what is known as an "LZ", or "landing zone". More often than not, these men had very little time to exit the aircraft and get into position.
This image captures the arrival of the U.S. military by sea. Like the first image, you can see these men were in a hurry to get out of the open and into concealment.
This black and white image captures what looks to be U.S. military men on patrol in Vietnam. One can only imagine what this man has been through by seeing the expression on his face.
The image captured here shows a U.S. military member wading in water above his waist. It shows the different terrain these men had to navigate through in order to complete their mission.
This black and white image captures the U.S. Military in what looks to be the heat of battle. Taking cover, these men were probably in a heavy firefight and contemplating their next move.
This photograph was likely taken after an intense firefight. It shows a wounded U.S. military man being helped off the field of battle. As you can see, these men didn't have body armor like today.
This photograph shows the U.S. Military during "chow". Chow is another term used for meals. As you can see, the rations given to these men are far from what we eat at home.
This photograph shows just how exhausting the conflict in Vietnam was on the U.S. military members. Not nearly the sleeping conditions we are used to, but likely the best sleep they had ever gotten.
This photograph shows the U.S. Military men in what looks to be a formation. From the looks on their faces, these men have already been through more than many will endure in a lifetime.
This photograph shows the U.S. Military rushing to board the aircraft. During battles, the men on the aircraft would need to provide extra security to allow enough time board safely.
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