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This collection will focus on the urban art.Since 1973 graffiti and has been the only medium of expression for group of people in America. Words and frustrations are said through shapes,colors and form.

This image is the proof that people use art to express their thoughts. In this image we have a sort of advertisement for underground artist. The message is written with a mix of straight and curved lines, which give an illusion of life to the words. The straight lines overlaps make the words no longer two dimensional but it almost feel like you can touch and feel them.
This is an image taken by Jon Naar a British- American Photographer/Author. In this image we have the typical New york neighborhood landscape made of towers, transportation and pedestrians. Three elements jump out as soon as one lays his eyes on the photography. The first element is the shapes as almost everything represented in the picture is either rectangular or squared such as the building, the roads, the train, the window etc. The second element is the horizontal and vertical lines, which, gives one the illusion of volume in this case. The last element is the color, most colors in the photography are grouped on one side of the spectrum, the combination of brown, light brown, beige give a peaceful but also almost inactive/dead vibe to the picture. The red train become the center of attention of the picture and emphasizes the message written in graffiti style on it.
In this image of Jerms and Topaz graffiti we have the representation of Jimmy Hendrix playing the guitar. This image uses the same techniques as the first one, but its goal is to bring out different emotion. The colors that are used come from both side of the spectrum (warm and cold), which makes it utopic but also energized. The lines’ being a blend of curved, diagonal, thin, thick and vertical makes the gives the allusion of volume, weight but also movement. The last thing is the space; in this photography there is almost no negative space as every part of it has something designed in it. Overall the combination of the colors, lines, shapes and space give the picture a more energized and exciting look then one would imagine.
This photography of Ernest Zacharev is very interesting in the sense of its simplicity. It’s a caricature of the COCA COLA logo using their slogan “ENJOY” Graffiti and colors red and white. The elements to take in count are the space and color. The whole purpose of the negative space in this piece of art is to make the viewer focus more on the message which is enjoy graffiti (in other words enjoy this piece of art) emphasized by the red block in the positive space of the art work.
This image shows the mirrored representation of a man riding a horse. The interesting element in this picture are shapes lines and texture as the artist used a fairly harsh canvas, in this case a brick wall to paint a more peaceful looking scene. The image is expressing glory, power strength due the amazingly detailed representation of the men and horses muscles and the special attention brought to recreate every single brick of the wall behind them.
In this image we have the representation of a male African- American. The interesting elements of this image are the lines, and the colors. The overlap of the straight lines of the boxes and the curves ones of the body of the man creates gives the impression that all the words written in them were part of his personality. The artist literally expressed and showed how he admired that person but also the amount of respect that he hold for this human being
In this image we have the representation of religious figures and myths. And on the other side we have a more familiar scene with thing that we have and see in our everyday life. Dangerous freedom, over Peaceful slavery is the title of this piece art and the artist follows his message to the letter. It doesn’t take much artistic knowledge to see that this artist was free to use any techniques he wanted to, the images displays (the bees being free), the colors etc. The way artist told is absolutely amazing, the triangular shapes used to separate the different scenes makes it look like a comic book, where as the lines being thin on end and thick at the end shows the rigidity of the separations. And when it comes to the colors we can see that there is two sides to the artwork a more dark side with purple as the predominant colors referring to the darkness symbolizing the peaceful slavery and a side with more other of the spectrum such as yellow, blue, white red green etc symbolizing the freedom.
In this phonograph we have a wall covered up with different artworks from different artist. The fact that many artists worked on the arts gives it a unique style when it comes to colors. The lines are mixed of everything from horizontal to vertical, diagonal to curve, all of them expressing a different frustration. There is almost no negative space in on the canvas due to the amount of artist that worked on the artwork.
In this image we have a throwback in case of the style to the early days of graffiti in New York. The style is curved lines for the written messaged which gives the allusion of movement weight and volume, when it comes to the drawing, the negative space is painted in black and the images follow a very realistic style. Over all the drawing are pretty dark due to the colors used in them, purple to represent the nights and blue to make them look mysterious .
Credits: All media
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