Colors of Mythology

Whether or not you believe in the Gods and Goddesses of Mythology, they're legacy has truly shaped society into what it has become over time. Both symbolically and literally, the tales of mythology are colorful stories from beginning to end with so much depth and twists that it’s hard to ignore the opportunity to embody these colorful stories through visual representation. 

Mars, the god of war, appears to be approaching a virgin under the guidance of the Goddess, Vesta. The color red is most dominant, both for what Mars believes to be love, but also potentially a warning of danger, considering he is a god of war.
This is the story of the love between Cupid and Psyche. Psyche, who is the goddess of the soul is draped in white to represent innocence. She amorously reaches for a red draped Cupid, God of desire, representing the bond of love and soul through its narrowly lit focus.
Saturn, a god of fertility and agriculture, is being offered food as a thank you for providing his people with crops. This image is very colorful as a way of symbolically representing the colors of the fruits and vegetables that Saturn had grown.
Venus, Goddess of Love, sits with a bouquet of red flowers in her hands, where she lays on a bed of white and red. The white represents the purity and softness of love while the red is a naturally amorous color.
Here you see Echo staring lovingly at Narcissus who in turn, stares lovingly at himself. Narcissus is draped in red while Echo in pink. Pink is a color for young girls, representing Echo's childlike desire to be loved by Narcissus whom will never love her, despite her relentless desire.
Omphale was a mistress to Hercules for a period of time, which is what is represented here. The colors are a mix of both red and yellow, red for lust, and yellow as warning to Omphale about the service she is providing for Hercules.
In this image, sea nymph Calypso is reaching for the hands of Ulysses. The image is painted in blue and green, colors of paradise, also colors of balance and trust. Clearly Ulysses is looking for somewhere to go where he is safe and is putting his life in Calypso's hands.
In this image, Venus is surrounded by water as her disciples fly happily around her. Pink and blue are the predominant colors in this piece of work, pink being flirty and blue being calm and peaceful.
In this image, Cupid is swatting away bees while Venus is reaching for fruit. The predominant colors are dark and eery yet warm, to show the danger of their situation yet the surprising comfort and warmth Cupid feels with Venus regardless.
This is a picture of decapitated monster, Medusa. She was known as a creature that would stone all who met her soulless gaze. The same ironic, terrified gaze her black eyes are making right now. The use of black solidifies how purely evil she is, and she is completely encompassed in it if not for the red blood dripping from her neck.
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