In the Night

In this collection, I used the theme of the night and the moon. I chose to order them by date to show different artists progression through time.

This painting shows the darkness of the night through baroque style lighting.
This landscape in the moonlight was beautifully crafted in my opinion.
I love how this shows the night but also adds a lot of reds to the scene creating the illusion of fire.
I enjoyed how beautifully detailed this work is, it almost looks like a photograph.
This is one of my favorite artworks of all time . I love van Gogh's use of color and movement.
I love how realistic this nighttime artwork appears.
This artwork I thought was particularly beautiful in its simplicity.
I choose this painting because it reminded me of when I used to live in the country up north before I moved down here to Florida.
This is one of the most iconic American painting ever and it eloquently shows a night scene.
I loved the greens used in this artwork of the moon, showing that you do not just have to use grays and whites to illustrate the night.
Credits: All media
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