This piece of art shows variety by having many different patterns and designs on its surface.
This Ceramic jar shows harmony with the color and texture of the vase. Although the color is different throughout the vase, it still has the same old look to it.
This vase shows proportion with the blue colors and flowers. The flowers relate to each other with their blue color.
This vase shows emphasis with the colors. The colors show emphasis with the dark colors then the brighter orange color flowers in the middle.
This ceramic vase shows texture by the rough outside of it. It even looks like it has a rough texture.
This bowl shows rhythm by the swirl lines going around the vase. It makes it look like the vase is spinning.
This shows movement because it has a hole on the top making it look portable.
This bowl shows pattern with the pattern designs on the inside of it. Although they look old, i still think they are patterns.
This bowl shows shape because it is small and looks flat. Like a 2-d figure.
This pot shows balance with the colors. It shows balance with the colors because whenever there is a color, the color to the right and down is the same color. Almost like stairs.
This jar shows value because the colors on the top, and on the bottom are different colors of red. The lightness and darkness is different on each half.
This bowl shows color because it has a metallic finish and you can see light reflect off of it.
This bowl shows line with the line that goes through the center of it. The line is going through the middle of the bowl.
This vase shows space because of the lines on its surface. The lines are what makes up most of its art.
This tea-pot shows form with the handle, lid, and the spout. These three features make it look 3-d
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