A walk through time

The evolution of man throughout history.

After the flood man began to refill Earth. This is where one language changed into many. This painting was the start of diversity throughout the country.
Mary is said to have traveled with Jesus as one of his followers. It's claimed that Mary witnessed the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Mary is thought of as a saint.
This shows the journey of a man after life. He journeys into the underworld equipped with bread, water and food. This is a dead man seated at the table.
This artwork shows the dramatic eruption of Vesuvius. This painting has many characteristics. This was the Russian artwork to draw so much attention abroad.
Russian's pressured family tribes to raid different areas. This started when 580 Cossacks under Yerman raided the territory of voguls. This happened because of loose political structures in the territory.
This is one of the most successful tank designs in history. Introduced in 1945 this machine saw combat on the front lines until 1980. South Africa still uses this war machine today.
Showing a fierce attack from the Yoshitsune with fresh troops. The Genji earned a victory. On the other side of the painting is Heike's camp.
This shows soldiers that survived a mustard gas attack. The painting show wounded soldiers heading toward the dressing station. This was made from witnessing the war on the western front during 1918.
Alexander was a great leader and war hero born in 356bc. He became king about 20 years later. He is known as one of the greatest conquerers to have ever lived.
The city is being overthrown. This image shows the great city has fallen. The city was completely destroyed.
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